Goals Follow Up March


February was a slow month for me, for a number of reasons, but here is how I fared on my goals

  • Finish Speeder Shed track
    • I made some unplanned progress painting some of the wood features just because it was an easy and relaxing task on a couple of nights where a easy and relaxing task was needed. The track itself is almost ready to go, just waiting on a chance to apply some pliobond outside (because of the smell)
  • Figure out shelf layout operations
    • Just didn’t have the motivation for this
  • Finish DODX flat car construction
    • This I did, just needs paint, load, and couplers now
  • Upgrade SW1 drive shafts
    • This is close to being done, had a bit of a setback when one of the shafts bounced off my forehead and disappeared. I ended up cutting a new one just need to fine tune it for smooth operation

I’m optimistic about March though holding myself to a low standard as the weather getting nicer could easily foil modeling plans.

  • Paint some models
    • I’ve got a backlog of things that need to be painted or weathered
  • Attempt to build a 3D printer
    • How hard could it be right? 🙂
  • Mock up cardboard buildings on the shelf layout
    • I consider this to be a gateway to figuring out operations

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