I hate airbrushes



I was trying to do some airbrushing this evening to use my new spray box but just had a heck of a time trying to get it to spray. What I inadvertently discovered was that if I left parts 1 and 2 off (no idea what they are called) it would spray just fine. Obviously that’s not ideal since that leaves the needle in the open unprotected. If I put part 1 on the air feeds back into the paint reservoir. I have a second identical part 1 that does the same and even tried one for a larger needle but the exact same result.

I’m at a complete loss as to what to try next, if possible I’d like to avoid replacing it again since this is my 3rd airbrush. Do any of my readers have any ideas?

6 thoughts on “I hate airbrushes

  1. Its not sticking in Part 1/2 is it? If the trigger is not too strong on the needle any amount of friction will just stop it. I have had it where a small amount of dried paint will stop the needle passing through.

    I also hate airbrushes and have so many problems with them that I buy those £10 ones off eBay from China and bin them when they play up. Bugger spending 200+ on one!

  2. The needle isn’t sticking at all and I’ve had pipe cleaners through all the passages big enough (and needles through the ones not large enough). Overnight I’ve had a thought to try changing the o-ring for the tip that the needle comes out, shouldn’t change anything but who knows I might get lucky.

    This is a $30 China import and I’ve already bought two of the same brand almost identical (and a full rebuild kit) and i’ve only gotten them to work well the first time out so I’m approaching having spent the same as say Paasche TG-3F and wondering if I spend $80-90 on a more well known brand am I going to have more luck keeping it going and not have it be basically disposable. But then again I also wonder if I spend $80-90 am I just going to spend that much for a one time use airbrush and then mess it up

  3. Sounds like the air is feeding back down somehow. I think the purpose of those two parts is to make an even cone of air around the end of the needle. Without them you will get an odd splatter. I would verify that air is able to pass through the tiny holes in the larger piece.

    1. Air is making it out the end, just enough is feeding back that it’s not pulling any paint out (and making the paint bubble). I’m starting to think air is leaking into the paint path somewhere when there is enough pressure and there just isn’t enough when Part1 and 2 are removed

      1. Usually the two paths don’t intersect until the nozzle. Make sure your needle and cone are far enough out, but be careful not to tear the cone when you tighten the nozzle.

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