Decal Time


A few days I go a friend had some decals, or as the Canadian’s call them “decals”* he had gotten from someone else he didn’t need so I took a bunch of them with hopes that I could find what I need for at least a couple of my otherwise stalled projects


Since I’ve never done decals before this is a bit of a motivator to try something new and get some stalled projects moving. Since most of the decals were BN I knew just the project to start with. I have this basic Bachmann 40′ gondola that ironically was originally BN but I repainted it several years ago and in the last year stripped and re-painted it BN green (The Good, the Bad, and the Masking Tape).


Prior to this it was painted entirely in flat Vallejo paint, but since a glossy surface is, as I understand it, better for decals I needed to make it glossy. I have had Vallejo gloss for a while but as I detailed in “I hate airbrushes” my airbrushes are all broken so I broke down and bought a cheap one at the local big box hardware store. And when I say cheap… it’s like a $10 single action. At that money it’s basically disposable and something I can practice with until I decided to take another stab at fixing my other ones or break down at get a quality airbrush.

*Yes I know the decal/decal pronunciation joke only works if it’s spoken but I did it anyway.

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