Lumber Loads


For quite a while I’ve wanted to make some lumber loads like Chris van der Heide detailed on his blog here. He makes them from scrap wood cut to scale and wrapped in a printed cover. One of the impediments for my was my table saw was in storage and it wasn’t a big enough project to justify getting it out of my garage attic. Well I finally got it out of my attic for another project so I thought I’ll whip a couple of them out quick… Well I got close on a couple but decided it wasn’t safe enough to do on my table saw. Perhaps with a better one or a cross cut sled it’d work better, or even a band saw (which I don’t have) but I gave up before I ended up hurting myself.

So back to the drawing board. I decided to see how much filament it would take to print a hollow box on my 3D printer. It turns out if I do the bottom, a couple perimeters and no top layers it’s only about 5-20 cents each (including electricity) and you get a little box like this (I changed filaments for a larger project between these two which is why the color difference)


If you want to print them you can get them here on OnShape. It’s parametric so if you want to adjust measurements you can easily do this. I just used the sizes from Chris’s blog. For printing I’d recommend doing no infill, you may be able to bridge the top to make it a solid box but I just didn’t do a top. This way if I want I can add weight later if I need to.

I printed out one of his PDFs (Yes I’ve combined 2D AND 3D printing for this. If it becomes possible to print another dimension I’ll have to try to incorporate that too!) and glued it to the box and viola:


I have to say it turned out pretty well, much better than my crappy cell phone camera* conveys. I will have to track down at least one lumber car as I don’t have any to put these loads on.

*Yes I technically do have a decent Nikon DSLR that was my wife’s until I bought her a nicer one but she’s since run off with the kit lens for her own use leaving me without a lens.


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