Finding the groove again


2017 was not much of a year for my modeling and blogging, it was a busy year for me and not one for inspiration. In fact my shelf layout was more of just a shelf.

I did print some cool stuff like this RC car.


Everything except the nuts/bolds, tires, and electronics were printed (and the gear that exploded after some test runs). It’s a blast knowing I can easily print any parts that break (which has already happened) because this thing is basically guaranteed to crash at speed. (which might be related to me test driving on snowy/icy sidewalks)

More recently I’ve started cleaning off the shelf again and getting back into things. In the corner I’d put a box in as a mockup for a building but it never really felt right and then one day I took out what of my early prints off thingiverse which was for a large HO scale propane tank. The source model wasn’t great and the printer I used wasn’t great and the filament I used was pretty crap. On a whim I put it in the corner and imagined a couple others (better printed) and a security fence around it.


I have some Alkem Scale Models fencing that I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to use but would work perfectly for this.

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