Monday Motivational 8

Monday Motivational

I was sent one of Felix Hernandez Rodriguez’s pictures which led me to this BoredPanda article with some awesome pictures and led to a couple videos (below) on how he made them. Very cool stuff, I might just try some of these tricks (though I’m not going to take up smoking).

Monday Motivational 7

Monday Motivational, Trains

This Monday Motivational is a little different because it’s my own stuff, I’ve got pictures of two projects that were till recently stalled. The scratch built flat car stalled since August and the Proto87 track for my speeder shed diorama since March. Both stopped in frustration, the flat car because it didn’t sit flat empty on the bolsters and the track because it was frustrating and glue wasn’t holding things together. So what changed?

I wrote a post about goals and these are two of the projects that were on my short term list. The flat car itself was a really silly reason, I had finished the bolsters and installed the trucks but found it wouldn’t sit flat without weight on it. A truly simple fix that I just wasn’t motivated to do. Yesterday I had a few minutes of time and decided to take a small file and try to level out the bolsters. A couple minutes and it was sitting nice and that movivated me to paint the trucks with the metallic steel paint as a base for weathering (side note it is sitting flat in the photo, I just took it from a low angle to show the painted trucks and it ended up looking like it tilted)

Monday Motivational 5

Monday Motivational, Trains

Monday Inspirational Modeling is out, and the more alliterative and catching Monday Motivational is in. This weeks motivational isn’t modeling, it’s the photography website It’s not specific to railroading at all but has some great railroad pictures like this and this. These photos are all licensed under the Creative Commons Zero license which means you can copy, modify, distribute, and use the photos free for any purpose without permission or attribution required.

Monday Inspirational Modeling 2

Monday Motivational, Trains

Monday inspirational modeling could probably be largely summarized as Luke Towan Mondays as his movies are always awesome. I’ve worked with parts of the woodland scenics road system before but never with much luck and I attribute that to my skill (or lack of) at the time though that was only with the smooth it and tape. I didn’t know (or they didn’t exist at the time) about the line markers or flexy edge. I’ll definitely have to give it another go.

Monday Inspirational Modeling

Monday Motivational, Trains

I had a post from Highland Miscellany pop up on my feed reader today (Link: ). A car started by someone passed over to a friend and then a son. Scratch building an underframe and bogies via metal etching. Metal etching is something I’d like to try sometime in the future when I get some of my current projects don’t, if they turn out half as good as these I’d be quite happy.