Albert Lea Day 1

Train Show, Trains

My legs are tired and I had to get my car jumped (Thanks again Shane!) but I did get a couple good pictures.

Train Show

Train Show, Trains

Went to the Granite City Train Show ( today and came home with a nice Kadee boxcar with the cushion underframe (nice but plastic wheels?) and a used Athearn DM&IR hopper. That one is going to need some work as it had the wrong trucks on it and the coupler pocket was a bit messed up.

I also got ore loads for my 22′ Roundhouse Ore Cars from Motrak Models ( in the mail today and they look incredible! Unfortunately my pictures didn’t turnout very well and the batteries were dying so I’ll have to take new pictures but I figured I’d upload what I took. (I promise I’ll take new ones)

Update: uploaded new pictures.