Some non-train model building



One of the things I want to teach my kids about modeling in general is that the fun in the hobby is not buying stuff it’s the building stuff. So one of my oldest’s (Luke, 10) Christmas presents was a Revell kit of a Camaro ZL1.


This model was a pretty good starter for him, there were some parts that could be painted (different engine components etc, the body was already painted) but we opted not to this time around.

Fun was had, we spent a couple hours together, and Luke ended up with a cool model and a little brother that thought it was pretty cool he built a car. I foresee more of these models in my future and some of the glue-less snap together models for Jacob (5).




A Birthday Present/Something Different


I have a good friend who had a birthday this week and I wanted to do something a bit fun. The back story is I own a truck and I’ve helped him move large objects, particularly landscaping dirt and rock. So I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to get him his own truck for his birthday?


With those wheels and suspension lift it might be a little difficult to shovel dirt in and out but it is guaranteed for life! But naturally as a modeller I couldn’t just leave it as is. Now I’m not talking about weathering, I mean with a paint job that loud you are pretty much required to keep it clean. But how about a load of dirt.


This is something in my box of scenic “stuffs” that’s no longer in its original container and I’m not entirely sure what I got it for. I believe it to be woodland scenics ho scale coal which in a pinch and a little scenic cement will substitute nicely for 1:64 dirt. Had I planned this out a little further in advance I probably could have found some S-Scale shovels too.


Happy Birthday Kevin and enjoy the new truck 🙂