Old Projects

This page is a work in progress to list projects.

DMIR C-228 Caboose


This is an Athearn kit I got a couple years ago, I don’t operationally expect to do much with it as I model after the common use of a caboose. This project is just a fun, it’s my favorite railroad type. Plans include looking at what I could do for detail improvement, some mild weathering, window “glass”, and if I were to really go out there some lighting or even sound elements.

DMIR 4192 Gondola


This is a more recent Accurail kit I picked up and assembled, this one needs metal wheels, weathering and I want to make some loads for it to carry.

CNW 169238 100 Ton Hopper


Functionally this just needs new couplers, as I practice my weathering I might touch up the weathering a little bit.

DMIR & MW Difco Side Dumps


These just need some general fixing, the MW one needs wheels and the DMIR ones need couplers and they all need weathering.

Walthers SW1


This little critter is an interesting project, I enjoy railroading history and EMD switchers. This one I intend to use to cover both. The plan to paint it as SOO 320, which was evidently the Soo Line’s first diesel locomotive. It is still in operation today, currently owned by the Minnesota based Independent Leasing (ILSX). What is interesting is a few years ago ILSX repainted it in it’s original paint black Soo scheme in revenue service. It’s still largely in that scheme today but with ILSX added to it. I intend to paint it without the ILSX as in the following picture:

Photo taken by and Copyright Louis Becker. Photo used with permission

Photo taken by and Copyright Louis Becker. Photo used with permission

Athearn SW1200

Project blog posts


This piece was a little bit of happenstance, I was attempting to purchase a SW1500 but all I got was a SW1200 in a SW1500 box. But luck was on my side, the DM&IR owned an NW2 that had been rebuilt to SW1200 specs so my plan is to get this running, and detailed to match the DM&IR prototype.

DMIR X-18 Crane

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I got this little number because I found it on sale, it’s the powered version but to be honest if I’d realized the noise the motor makes I might have gotten unpowered instead. Aside from weathering I’m contemplating going two routes with this, 1) disconnecting the motor and drive so it’s an unpowered model or 2) trying/paying someone to install a small decoder in it.

Custom Finishing Tie Handler


This project is probably the most saddest looking one since I’ve had it so long and it looks like it does. This project ended up being way over my skill level. There is a decent chance I’ll never get it assembled but the hope remains that someday I’ll be able to make it look like this:



Brass RDC

I have a brass RDC-1, I’ve removed all the decals now I just need to figure out what to do with it. I need to repower it as the old pancake motor doesn’t seem to play nice with decoders in my attempts. I’m considering using the NWSL Stanton drive. For lettering I really haven’t decided, originally I had planned on lettering it as the DM&IR but when I got it I was under the incorrect assumption that the DM&IR RDC was an RDC-1 but it actually was an RDC-3 which looks significantly different. I’m torn between doing a free-lance Missabe or finding another prototype where decals are available.

Rotary Snow Plow


I’ve had this one a while, at one point I had a decoder and motor in it to run the rotor. What I’d like to do is modify this to more closely match the BNSF version and re-motor it.

Jordan Spreader

Project blog posts

This project is not just because I like snow fighting equipment, well it partially is, but I have an idea for it in a winter themed shelf layout.


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