Jordan Spreader project

Project, Trains

I’ve been wanting to build a Jordan spreader for a while now, a couple of years ago I came across a Walthers kit and passed on it and I’ve sort of regretted it ever since. I’ve kept an eye out for them at shows and online auctions for a while and when I had seen them they were way more than I wanted to spend. In the mean time I discovered that the DM&IR had four, one of which is pretty close to the Walthers kit DMIR W-198 (as modeled by Milt Spanton).

I’m torn between kit-bashing W-198 or building it as the kit comes as a hypothetical W-197 or W-202 which matches the Walthers kit and save the kit-bashing idea for another day (my main thinking here is if I decided to do the kit-bash now it will sit in a box for a while needing supplies)

In the mean time here is what I have


I’m thinking I’ll spray the parts yellow before I start assembly so I don’t have any weird angles to try to hit after assembly

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