RDC 2960


I took a little time today to do a little work on my RDC project. As I’d mentioned earlier I’m taking a brass RDC-1 and decorating it in its demonstrator scheme. Unfortunately I was unable to find any decals in HO scale for the demonstrator scheme so I’m working on creating my own. It’s a fairly simple scheme and I think I’ve gotten it pretty close.

This is just printed on regular paper and rather roughly cut. It looks like I’m getting close, just need to center the logo a bit more and make it a little wider. Then I just have to get some decal paper and print it up along with some numbers.

Budd RDC-1


I recently traded some of non-Missabe equipment for a brass RDC-1 and it arrived earlier this week.

I traded with someone on TrainLife for it, it’s originally a Boston & Maine but the person I got it from changed prototypes and is getting rid of his B&M equipment. I’ve already gotten the lettering removed (that was easy) and figured out how to install couplers which ended up being a lucky coincidence. Over the course of time I’ve collected a couple different varieties of coupler boxes that come with Kadee couplers. I just happened to notice that the screw holes were the perfect spacing on the shell. Good thing I kept them!

I’m going to eventually install a Digitrax sound decoder (either a DH164D or DH165+SFX004) but first I’m going to investigate motoring options. Since this is an older brass model I’m wondering if there is a re-motoring kit available. The one in it appears to work fine but I’ve never seen a motor arrangement like this so I’m going to do some research.

I think I’m going to decorate it up in the demonstrator scheme (Kato did an N-scale version) but I’m having difficulty finding any decals. If you know of anyone that makes HO decals for the RDC demonstrator let me know!

As a side note I’ve looked at some of the higher traffic posts on my blog and am going to do some more posts on the topics (such as JMRI, Bachrus Speedometer, Digitrax PR3, various free-mo topics, etc) and I plan on building up a queue so there should be more frequent posting moving forward (at least thats the plan).