Building Placement Aid


One of the ideas I’d had marinading in my head for a while was a way to make sure buildings are properly at each setup with minimal work. Since I was working on the Murphy’s Cement module, and that building is complete I started with it.

What I did was drill two small holes in which two small pieces of brass were glued. They were coordinated to fit in the curves of the building so you could easily slide it in place.


All you have to do is slide the building back to fit them into the groove and they are good, almost can’t see them any more especially from a distance.

WP_20130413 1

This morning we went to the Granite City Train Show in St Cloud and my oldest son Luke spent some of his birthday money on a Wisconsin & Southern hopper, it was a pretty nice model with metal wheels and couplers for a pretty good price. Here he is doing a test run on it, and Murphy’s Cement in preparation for the up coming Randolph show.

WP_20130413 2


2 thoughts on “Building Placement Aid

  1. Awesome! So cute to see Luke working on the pike! I’ll never forget working on my first layout with my Dad. I wasn’t much older than Luke.

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