Weekend Update 14

Trains, Weekend Update

I’ve kind of dropped the ball on weekend updates lately, time flies when you are to busy to blog right? 🙂

Not much new modeling this week, in fact this weekend and early next week I’ll be packing up the modeling stuff again as the homeschooling classroom (the corner of which is my modeling area) is finally getting flooring so everything not having from the wall has to go.

A discussion did pop up on facebook about track spikes and various sizes. Since I happened to have on hand Micro Engineering, Walthers, and Proto87 I took this picture:


Upper left is ME code 83, upper right Walthers Code 70, and below is about 250 P87.

I started with the ME spikes, they are available fairly cheaply in large volume. My only complaint is it can be too easy to bend them. The Walthers spikes I haven’t used as much as I only found them in a hobby shop toward the end of my last handlaying effort. These are much more rigid and easy to handle (in my opinion) but if your ties are not glued down well enough they will split more easily than the ME spikes. I have not yet had a change to use the Proto87 spikes.

Since I got the P87 spikes for the Speeder Shed diorama for highly detailed track I got P87 tie plates as well.


Like the spikes they are pretty small but not only are they small they are super thin!


The are basically paper thin, some days I look at them and wonder what I’ve gotten myself into 🙂

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