Stirrup Step repairs


I started working on replacing broken stirrups on my CNW boxcar project. I’m using Tichy Train Group #3047


It’s my first time doing something like this, the process is pretty straight forward of scraping off the old ones and drilling holes for the new ones. Except I’m having trouble getting my holes drilled at the right spots and I broke my drill bit.

As frustration was building I decided to set the boxcar down and practice on a more simple model… my car shops flat.


I had originally done this with custom bent brass (that in retrospect was too big in diameter) and I think for a beginner it was a good start but while I was at the hobby store last weekend I picked up some of the square stirrups with this project in mind. I tried lining up the Tichy nubs with my existing holes but they were too high and again not straight. I decided to try cutting off the Tichy nubs just gluing them over the holes and viola a pretty good result.


After the glue dried I was a little surprised how sturdy the stirrup got because it had been so flimsy getting it off the sprue and gluing it on. I suppose that’s a nice feature though.

I’ll need to repaint the car but I haven’t been terribly pleased with my first weathering attempt that’s probably not a bad idea anyway

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